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We offer AI & machine learning consulting, custom development, and support services with a people-centric approach.


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Divelement is the artificial intelligence partner you’re looking for to extend your tech team. Get high-quality work from experts in the field so you can see value from your AI/ML investment faster. Companies that use AI for product design, development, and production save up to 30 times more than competitors. Our customized AI & machine learning development services help you stand out in your industry with cutting-edge products that have a lasting impact.

AI & ML Development

Sub Services

We offer a wide range of AI development services to help you meet your business goals. Whether you come to us with custom design specifications or need advice on building your AI/ML strategy, our experts are here to help.

AI/ML Strategy Consulting

AI/ML Strategy Consulting

Work with skilled AI/ML professionals to create a customized strategy that addresses your unique challenges and requirements. Our results-driven approach ensures your AI/ML strategy will allow you to deliver innovative digital products quickly.

Custom AI Solutions Development

Custom AI Solutions Development

Get customized, AI-powered apps that help you meet your business goals. Our AI & ML experts work with your team to design, develop, train, and deploy custom-tailored AI solutions. We use cutting-edge tech to deliver high-quality, scalable AI solutions.

PoC and MVP Development

PoC and MVP Development

Use our Proofs of Concept (PoC) to evaluate a scaled-down version of your AI product. Our Minimum Viable Products (MVP) provide opportunities for beta testing and user validation so you can deliver the best version of your product.

LLM Development

LLM Development

Get customized Large Language Model (LLM) solutions to deploy an online chatbot or AI assistant, generate and translate content, and more. Our AI & ML experts work with leading LLMs like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and BLOOM to craft innovative Gen AI solutions.

AI Deployment & Integration

AI Deployment & Integration

Our AI & ML team uses their years of experience to avoid the common hurdles that delay new deployments. We also ensure seamless integrations with your existing architecture to reduce management headaches and allow you to see value from your project faster.



Our partnership doesn’t end after we deploy your product. We provide ongoing operational support, from bug fixes to patches and everything in between, so you can focus on new initiatives while maximizing the success of your AI & machine learning project.

AI/ML Technologies

Our team of nearshore developers has a wide range of experience in artificial intelligence technologies like:

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Divelement’s machine learning and AI development services deliver outstanding value through operational efficiency, with our teams sharing responsibilities and working closely together for the greatest speed and agility. We also provide full transparency into what is happening with your project at all times, using Agile methodologies and a data-driven approach to keep clients informed and engaged. Thanks to our customer-centric business model and the value of our results, 96% of our customers have recommended us to other companies.


1 What are nearshore AI & machine learning development services?

Nearshoring your AI & machine learning development involves consulting with an outside company to design, build, and support a customized solution. Due to a shortage of tech talent in the U.S., particularly in the competitive AI market, many organizations are turning to nearshore teams in North America to bridge the gap and get their innovative products to market faster.

2 What’s the difference between AI & machine learning?

Artificial intelligence is a computer’s ability to analyze data and “learn” from it to draw conclusions, make predictions, and solve problems. Machine learning is the process of that system taking in and processing data to learn from it, making it a sort of subset of AI.

3 What is Generative AI?

Generative AI uses artificial intelligence to produce text, images, video, and other media. ChatGPT and DALL-E are examples of popular generative AI tools.

4 What is LLM?

LLM stands for Large Language Model, and it’s a type of machine learning algorithm used for natural language processing (NLP). It analyzes text and audio to improve the machine’s ability to understand and respond to human speech. ChatGPT and Meta’s LLaMa are examples of LLMs.

5 What other services does Divelement offer?

We partner with our clients to design, advise, develop, and support a full range of software development solutions. Our other services include:

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With Divelement’s machine learning and AI development services, you get fully customized solutions and ongoing support without the difficulties of hiring and retaining in-house experts. Our people-centric approach and high-quality results ensure you’ll meet your AI & machine learning goals faster.